Original Members

Our local chapter originally formed in 1985 with 25 members.
  • Danny M. Briggs
  • Thurman DeWoody
  • Faye Fletcher
  • Steve Frost
  • John D. Garcia
  • Marla Golightly
  • Dana Guthridge
  • Richard Hardy
  • Tom R. Henry
  • Gary Hughes
  • Avis Jones
  • George Keyes

  • James E. Mallory
  • Lawrence E. Martin
  • L. Paul Patterson
  • Jeff V. Pennington
  • Todd W. Powell
  • Linda A. Rogers
  • Phillip Scott
  • Rick A. Smith
  • Timothy D. Smith
  • Jeffery Spelman
  • Jeffrey A. Storie
  • Doug Warr
  • Betty Waterman

Founding Document

View the Original Document (PDF).

To: I.A.A.O. Executive Board
Subject: Chapter Charter

Date: January 23, 1985

In order to promote professional assessment practices and standards in the State of Oklahoma we the undersigned request the approval of a charter for a local I.A.A.O. chapter. The chapter is to be located in the Oklahoma City Metro area to serve the entire State until such time there becomes a need for other chapters.

If our chapter is approved we would like to have monthly meetings. These meetings would include presentations by leading individuals in the assessment and related fields. Also we feel they should include reports from the membership regarding any new or pending legislation which would affect Oklahoma assessing practices.

We fell that I.A.A.O. educational programs and standards would guide and benefit our membership and the entire State of Oklahoma through current advancements in the assessment field by using I.A.A.O. approved codes and standards.

Our intentions are to introduce I.A.A.O. to all State, County, and private organizations which have an interest in Oklahoma assessing practices.

We would appreciate serious consideration from you the Associations Executive Board in granting us a charter.